As wholesalers of fine diamonds and jewellery for more than 25 years, Lotus Jewels has a long and lustrous international heritage of exquisite craftsmanship and dedicated customer service. A second-generation family-owned and operated business, Lotus jewels represents a level of experience and familiarity only attainable through decades of hands-on practice.

Headquartered in India, our brand continues its tradition of superb quality and service in Australia, helping clients say ‘I Do’ by providing a preeminent selection of customizable diamond engagement rings as well as our popular and diverse portfolio of customised fine jewellery.


Jewelry Customisation Creating a unique piece of custom-made jewellery that can eventually become a part of you and your family's heirloom is the most exhilarating experience. Here at Lotus Jewels, you have the opportunity to allow your own creativity to take center stage, where your desires in jewellery design comes true. Your design is a unique reflection of you, and we will ensure that it is of such high quality that you will be proud to pass it through the generations of your family. The journey to a customised piece of jewellery is very personal; our designers work side-by-side each step along the way with the client from choosing the design to selecting the stones, and its final setting. Sketches are made, revised and refined until a sparkle in the eyes tells us the client's heart has found that which it desires.

So bring down your old, hardly worn jewellery, and together we can give it a new life... as your very own one-of-a-kind piece of haute jewellery.


Our Refined Selection

At Lotus Jewels each piece is crafted with critical attention to detail, meticulous hand selection ensures all diamonds and gemstones are superior to industry standards, whilst rigorously selected materials are carefully constructed according to the Lotus jewels Standard.

We understand the importance and significance in every jewellery purchase by working with our valued patrons to help them better understand, identify and select exquisite diamonds and gemstones. We offer friendly advice about the 4c's to clients visiting us online or in person and give the expert information necessary to support wise purchase decisions.


The process of selecting an engagement ring should not be an overwhelming one. It should be exciting and enjoyable, therefore you are supported every step of the way by an expert jeweller via our live chat or by booking a personal appointment with one of our esteemed sales personnel. You and your partner can also select a suitable solitaire through our expanisve online search diamond tool.

At Lotus Jewels, we place immense importance on honesty, integrity, fairness and personal attention. Trust is never expected, but instead it is earned through service, excellence, superior quality and craftsmanship.


Our Competitve Price

When purchasing something as sentimental and paramount as diamonds, it’s crucial that you pay a fair and equitable price. That price may vary greatly depending on quality characteristics often undetectable to the uninformed eye. But our accredited specialists can help you differentiate among your choices and ensure you attain the best value for your investment. Our prices are reflective of our superior product quality and craftsmanship yet the most competitive .

At Lotus Jewels, we do our best to make your experience a happy and fulfilling one. For further details please enquire .


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